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Welcome to M Room Shop!

We selected the best products, so you don't have to search everywhere. We believe in all the brands in our online store because we test and select only those that can be the game changers in your life.

Browse the range and find your new favourites.
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M Room Memberships

Are you a new M Room Member?

Check out the M Room barberstore memberships and buy your own membership online. As a member, you get more profits when getting a haircut in our barberstores and also additional benefits.

Memberships only in Finland.

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Silver 5 Summer Membership for our Finland Barberstores

On sale until the end of July. Membership for 6 months. See more information about the summer membership by clicking the link.

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M Room Magazine

What is M Room Shop?

We are here for you

M Room Shop is an online store, which complements your visit to a barber.

We are not only for men, as everyone can find something from our store.

For example, get to know the Finnish brand Sim Sensitive, the pioneer of fragrance-free cosmetics and products for treating scalp problems - if you have fragrance allergies, this is for you!

Sim Sensitive

For all kinds of beards!

Gold Shaving Solution

Make shaving easy! Our clear Shaving Solution helps to see where to shave. Discount price only in May. Buy your own Shaving Solution in our barberstores or at M Room Shop.

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